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Jeff Tolhurst, Ph.D.
Earth Science Instructor
GIS/GPS Coordinator
Columbia College

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The York School (1977)
(High School)

B.A. Geological Sciences
U.C. Santa Barbara (1983)

Teaching Credential, Physical Sciences
U.C. Santa Barbara (1987)

M.S. Environmental Systems/Geology
Humboldt State University (1995)

Ph.D. Geology/Geological Education
University of South Carolina (1999)


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Here are a few photos for your amusement.   If you have any questions about the Earth Science or Geographic Information Systems programs at Columbia College, feel free to email me at the address on this page.


No 'stash! Working hard at the best job in the world!
1977 1988 1999 2005


fly boy Bugaboo Crevasse! Jumping the Crevasse! Fun with Sparklers!
The old days (at 19 in 1979), jumping off of a glacier in British Columbia . . . I thought I could fly back then! The little spec in the air jumping across the crevasse is another example of free flight by a crazed 19 year old human in British Columbia (1979) . . . (There is an ice axe in my hand and I'm "secured" to the glacier by a climbing rope . . .). Its amazing what the body will tolerate - I don't recommend this, though. Some local hard rock gold miners (1997) let me light the fuse . . .  (when do we run!?).
Parabolic Burning Man South Carolina Swamp Days Dr. Jeff on Kilauea
Burning Man! (Black Rock Desert, Nevada, 1997) Cruising the black water of Okefenokee Swamp (Georgia and Florida, 1996)! Getting air at Stovepipe Wells in Death Valley (1999)! Newly Created Earth at Kilauea (1999)!
Driving a field trip van in Death Valley (2004) Buried in salt at Devil's Golf Course (2004)  My daughters Courtney (left) and Taryn (April 2004). Geology Class on Eagle Rock - Lake Tahoe (October 2004)
Mt. Rose - Lake Tahoe Field Geology (October 2004) Steamboat Springs Fissure - Lake Tahoe Field Geology (October 2004) Checking out the Genoa Fault scarp (October 2004) Closeup of the Genoa Fault Scarp (October 2004)
Death Valley Gower Gulch Drainage (January 2005) Death Valley Mineshaft (January 2005) Taryn and Courtney Fall 2004 CJ & TK 2005
Kennedy Meadows
Flat Tire on Shasta - bummer looks from the students... Fall 2005 Straddling the San Andreas Fault
Spring 2005
Mt. Lassen, Fall 2005 Dante's View
Death Valley 2006
Geocaching Winter 2007
w/ Bixur (r) and Spanky (l)
Death Valley 2007
@ Ubehebe Crater
Death Valley 2007
Fault Scarp near
Dante's View
Death Valley 2007
Buff Guy
Death Valley 2007 BuffGuy EggHead Mammoth 2007
Spanky & Bixur MirrorMan 1 MirrorMan 2 Spanky & Bixur
JT, CJ, & TK, Summer 2007 Sonora Pass 2007 Shasta 2007 Stanislaus Table Mountain 2007
Geocaching Winter 2007 Death Valley 2008 January 2009 Death Valley February 2009

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CJ in DeVa Feb 2009 TK in DeVa Feb 2009   Jeff's Blog

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