History of Maps and Cartography

Information About Giving Oral Presentations
Coordinate Systems Overview
Datum Overview
Projections Overview
Google Maps GPS Visualizer
What is GPS? (Trimble's Website)
GPS Resource Page
Precision Farming GPS Application Story from NASA
What is WAAS?
Minesota Department of Natural Resources Garmin GPS Extension Page
Penn State's Online GIS Postbaccalaureate Certificate

Penn State's Master's Degree Program Information
Improving Atomic Clocks
NPR GPS Article: GPS Goes Into the Wild
GPS Inventor
SMART GPS Criminal Tracking System
SJCOE Activity

Radon Database (from Josh Certo, former GIS/GPS student)
GPS/GIS Activity
Geospatial Revolution Project
GIS and GPS Integration
How GPS Works YouTube Video Clip

GNSS Mission Planning Online
PLSS in Google Earth (PLSGE)
Tools for Google Earth (Earth Point)
The National Map Viewer

GPS links
: How does GPS Work? (National Air and Space Museum);
The Role of Atomic Clocks (Beyond Discovery)
Global Positioning System Overview (University of Colorado)