Astronomy Web Links:

Facebook Earth Sciences Program Page

Scale of the Universe Webpage

Cool Scale of the Solar System Webpage

Cool Scale of a Hydrogen Atom Webpage

Size of the Universe Article

Mars Curiosity Landing 1
Mars Curiosity Landing 2

Most Astounding Fact - Neil DeGrasse Tyson

Hubble Deep Field - Most Important Image Ever Taken

ISS Earth Flyover by NASA

Astronomy Animations

The Lunar and Planetary Institute

Google Sky

Information About Giving Oral Presentations

Midterm Review Outline

Fact Sheet on Each Planet (class activity)

Mercury Messenger website

Chicxulub Impact

Lifecycle of a Star Assignment

Black Holes

The Milky Way Galaxy & Galaxies


Final Exam Review Outline

PPT Files

Some Astronomy Web Links:

Abstract Information
Electromagnetic Spectrum Tour

Astronomy Today
Proof of Galileo's Idea about Gravity
Bad Astronomy Website
Celestron (Telescopes)
Galileo Journey to Jupiter (JPL)
Lunar Prospector Website
Sky & Telescope Magazine Website
Jack Stargazer's Website (cool weekly broadcasts...)
NASA's Website
Space Science News Home (NASA)
Yukon Meteor Blast
NASA Dryden Website
U.S. Naval Observatory's Complete Sun and Moon Data for One Day
Astronomy Now Online
Yahoo's Astronomy and Space News
Space Flight Now

The Search For Extraterrestrial Intelligence at Home
Anglo-Australian Observatory
Hubble Space Telescope
National Air and Space Museum
Astronaut Scholarship Foundation

Scientific American
Astronomy Magazine