Field Geology Courses

Course Number Course Title Units
ESC 35 Field Geology 1-3
ESC 35CC Geology of Calaveras County 1-3
ESC 35DV Geology of Death Valley 1-3
ESC 35 Field Mapping 1-3
ESC 35LT Geology of Lake Tahoe 1-3
ESC 35SL Geology of the Shasta/Lassen Region 1-3
ESC 35LV Geology of the Long Valley Caldera 1-3
ESC 35ML Geology of the Mother Lode 1-3
ESC 35SN Geology of the Sierra Nevada 1-3
ESC 35SA Geology of the San Andreas Fault 1-3
ESC 35SP Geology of Sonora Pass 1-3
ESC 35TR Geology of the Tuolumne River 1-3

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